Serenity by Flora


What our customers say...

At Serenity by Flora you’ll find yourself immersed in fragrant flames. Quality combined with elegance and style.

Our Mission

At Serenity by Flora it's our mission to provide Handmade Luxury Soy Candles that settle mind and body and revive the senses.

We aim to provide tranquillity where there is no sense of deficit or disturbance, and no struggling with anything, or grasping after it, or clinging to others.

We aim to release inner freedom, and provide a sense of peace.

Style & Quality

Quality combined with bespoke style is our number one priority at Serenity by Flora.

All our candles come in high quality glass containers in different sizes and colours, adding elegance, comfort and aroma to any space.

As we do not compromise on quality, our candles will add a touch of luxury into your room. 


100% Handmade

What makes our products special is the fact that we use 100% natural ingredients such as Soy Wax and High Quality Fragrance Oils with no additives.

The benefits of Soy Candles:   

They burn longer and cleaner without creating black smoke.

They are non - toxic. Healthier for humans, pets and the environment. 

The scent is much stronger and more pleasant.

Soy wax does not increase the CO2 level in the atmosphere like common paraffin wax does. 


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